Aoshi Danshen Chapter 494 Betting the Power of Creation (roulette 1)

Lian Yingxiao sighed and frowned tightly, “Mingdong has been with his mother since he was a child, and he lived a simple life with outstanding qualifications, but because he hated me, he refused the resources I provided him, and finally left home Running away, I also know that he is in Taiwumen, he can pass the Slot Games well in it, so I feel at ease.” Speaking of Lian Mingdong, Lian Yingxiao was so worried that she flew away from the Frisbee, Chen Xiang felt that this matter was absolutely It’s not easy, but it’s someone else’s family business, and it’s not easy for him to ask. Chen Xiang hurriedly returned to Taidan King’s Courtyard to see if Wu Qianqian had returned, but he still disappeared. He hadn’t seen him for a long time. I have seen this most beautiful woman in Wumen, Chen Xiang just wanted to give some medicinal materials to Wu Qianqian to refine alchemy in livescore, this would not only improve Wu Qianqian’s alchemy skills, but also he didn’t need to refine it himself. “Looking at it now, Liu Meng’er is about to cross the catastrophe soon, and if I teach her the Tai Chi magical skills, she will definitely improve faster, so you’d better prepare some medicinal materials for life-saving pills, Liu Meng’er Passing the Ice Wind Divine Art to Chen Xiang benefited Bai Youyou a lot, she didn’t need to practice the Nairabet Ruthless Demon Art to become stronger, and their teachers and sisters are very grateful to Liu Meng’er in this respect, “What? You passed on the Taiji magic to Sister Meng’er? “Chen Xiang exclaimed, because he didn’t know about it, “At that time you were unconscious, and you almost exploded to death, that’s why I passed the Tai Chi Divine Kung Fu to her, and asked her to use the Tai Chi Divine Kung Fu. Features, quickly absorb those indigestible skills in your body! Besides, I am also thanking her, her Ice Wind Divine Art has relieved my senior sister from years of troubles,” Su Meiyao said,

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