The World-Proud Pill God Chapter 47 Sports betting Chapter 9 Turning Betting’s face

Title of the Silent Little Thief: Tie Langhao didn’t believe in evil, and leaped in front of Chen Xiang, Leap, and punched Chen Xiang again, a very huge fire fist burst out like a volcano erupting, hitting the On Chen Xiang. With a bang, Chen Xiang was once again enveloped by a large group of violent flames. Tie Langhao’s punch took most of Liverpool’s energy. He was very satisfied with his punch, especially when he felt the extremely hot breath that made him proud. He knew that he just now How powerful is that fist! If Tie Langhao attacked Chen Xiang with Thunder-attribute True Qi or Spinmatic True Qi of other attributes, perhaps Chen Xiang would not have resisted it with his body so easily, and flames are what Chen Xiang is least afraid of. The powerful Qiankun Fire Soul, no matter how powerful the flame is, it cannot burn him. In the whole world, the strongest flame is at the center of the earth! Chen Xiang can walk around the center of the earth at will without relying on the Xuanwu Vajra Armor, not to mention the mere flames in front of him. Even the flames released by warriors in the nirvana state cannot burn him. Of course, if the martial arts are strong and they know how to transform the fire-attributed true energy into powerful power, there is still a certain threat to him. Chen Xiang came out from the raging fire, with a cool sneer on his face, he clenched his fists tightly. Seeing that Chen Xiang was able to walk out safely, Tie Langhao suddenly became fearful. Such a powerful blow of his own could not cause any harm to Chen Xiang. He doubted whether Chen Xiang had entered the ultimate realm. The second stage, Soul Martial Realm! “It’s my turn!” Chen Xiang laughed loudly, his figure was like the wind, and he flew over, his fist full of dragon power turned into a huge fist

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