Proud flashscore Shidan God Chapter 434 Slot Games Magic Eye

The third volume and the third volume novel: (‘Mobile phone users please log in to read this book. Chen Xiang doesn’t know much about Lan Lan. He only knows that she has a fast speed and high concealment ability. In this way, his big apprentice can be more confident to win the first place and get the mysterious reward of livescore. “Start!” Wang Quan shouted. As soon as the bet game sound fell, the people around the martial arts platform immediately Sensing a very Nairabet strange energy fluctuation, I saw a burst of blue brilliance emerging from Lan Lan’s body, and then disappeared suddenly!” “Invisibility? This seems to be a unique talent of the blue blood race. Everyone has it.” Different!” Wu Kaiming said in astonishment. Compared to Online Casino Wu Parimatch, only Chen Xiang was standing there, and Chen Xiang was sweating on his forehead, because he couldn’t sense Lan Lan’s existence, and even Long Xueyi couldn’t sense it. It was as if Lan Lan had suddenly moved away from the arena. As the referee, Wang Quan and the elders of the Shenwu Hall were also shocked. They could be sure that Lan Lan had not left the arena, because the arena covered many formations. If someone leaves, it can be seen from those formations. “Xue Ninja, this is the innate ability of the blue blood race. Can you deal with it?” Wang Quan asked the tall and thin man standing behind him like a zombie with a suppressed voice. He said coldly: “I can poker!” Suddenly, Lan Lan let out a mischievous laugh, Chen Xiang only felt a sudden burning pain in his back, and his body was hit by la liga violently, making him Chen Xiang hurriedly stabilized his body and let himself fall to the ground, otherwise he would be knocked off the stage, and being knocked off the stage would mean losing the game. “Even if she

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