Surebet247 Proud Livescore Shidan God Chapter 419 Wolf Slave

After the second volume Chen Xiang lightly landed on the ground, he looked at a direction. In that direction, there was a relatively strong aura that gradually weakened. In the chaos just now, a demon escaped. ( The evil monster BGaming is very powerful, maybe it is the leader of this group of little evil monsters, it is very likely that they have a rumble and demon heart, and the purpose of Chen Xiang coming here is not to slaughter Paripesa Instead, these little demons collect more demon hearts and use them as competition results. Chen Xiang immediately chased after it, this was the first powerful evil monster he encountered when he entered the Evil Demon Profound Realm, he could not let it go. There are thousands of those little demons, but none of them has a demon heart. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou said that the demon heart is also very precious, at least five million crystals can be sold for one. In the ancient times, it was generally used to arrange large formations, because it contained pure energy. Chen Xiang soon saw the big evil monster that was running away. Thinking of the distance so close, he could clearly sense the very pure energy in the body of this evil monster. He was sure that this was a big evil monster. “It’s actually a werewolf.” Chen Xiang said, even though he was a demon, he felt that it was more appropriate to call him a werewolf, but because most of them were transformed from monsters and possessed extremely high intelligence, that’s why they were called Call it a demon. “They were indeed called orcs a long time ago, but humans felt that this was an insult to humans, so they called them evil Endorphina demons.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang smiled and said to Leap: “It would be nice if these guys were a little bit more stupid, so they wouldn’t be afraid because they feel scared, and I don’t have to chase after them so hard.”

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