Aoshidan Slot Games God Chapter 4 chelsa04 Qiu Sheng

Tips: Press the left and right keys to quickly turn to the upper and lower chapters of this article. Chapter 404, if you like chapter 404, please bookmark chapter 404! “Chen Xiang, the blood warriors of our King’s Continent will definitely not let you go. In the eyes of our King’s Continent, you are just ants! Betway” a young man lying on the ground, with blood spilling from his mouth, said through gritted teeth. “Pull Niu Niu” Chen Xiang sneered, and walked over: “Ant? You can’t even beat me sports betting now, how dare you say these words? Bloodline warriors are bloodline warriors, even if they beat me, they won’t fight against me.” You have nothing to do with it! If you are defeated here today, they may only think that you, a Slot Games thing inferior to an ant, will embarrass them in the King’s Continent, go back and think about what martial arts is!” Chen Xiang kicked the young man After kicking off the martial arts arena, apart from that Li Zhihao, Chen Xiang’s attack was much easier in the back, but he made them suffer so much that it would be difficult to recover within three or two months. For two days and two nights, Chen Xiang was challenging the warriors from the King’s Continent. The people who competed with him all ended up in the same end, Endorphina, who was injured by him, and then kicked off the stage. Now Chen Xiang also has 3300 He doesn’t remember how many games Sportybet has played, but he only knows that the boiling power in his body has not cooled down, and he is still full of passion. Other Surebet247 book friends are watching:. For two consecutive days and two nights of fighting, Chen Xiang only took a break while waiting for other people’s live betting, and spent the rest of the time on the competition ring. Of course, he won Bet9ja not long after he came on stage. What flattered Chen Xiang was that Wang Quan and he followed him to host the competition for two days and two nights

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