World-Proud Endorphina Pill God Chapter 389 Liverpool Set foot on the king’s land

In order to make it easier for the betting continents to communicate with each other when the Great War of the Three Realms comes, each continent sends a battle array. In this way, the continents in the mortal world are no longer so far away. One hundred thousand years ago, it was to prevent demons from passing through chelsa. Sending arrays, but it was later proved that the effect of doing so was not great, and the establishment of teleportation arrays could increase the rapid development of each continent. In the next month or so, many previous constructions signed up for the King’s Martial Arts Association, and passed It is said that they are all returning from serious injuries, “To participate in the Pragmatic play of the Msports Martial Arts Association, the first level has to pass a sparring test. Only when you win that person can you participate in the preliminaries and compete with various fighters on stage. Many people will be in the roulette. He was severely injured in the sparring test.” Xiao Qiu heard that his master Bet9ja would participate in the Alchemy Competition in the King’s Continent, and he was also very excited. The fighters on the King’s Continent are very strong in the Evolution game because of their Paripesa bloodline advantage. , but in terms of alchemy, just having blood is not enough, otherwise there will not be so few powerful alchemists. Chen Xiang must not be able to compete in the martial arts competition now, but he has a great confidence in winning the alchemy competition. In just one month, many warriors from mainland China and some sects have put forward suggestions, asking warriors to consider being more cautious when signing up for the king’s martial arts meeting, so as not to hurt their bodies and money. “The king’s blood in the king’s mainland is really too rumble Strong!” Chen Xiang real madrid said with emotion, although Xiao Qiu was unwilling, he had to admit that those warriors with bloodlines were indeed incredibly powerful, and he thought that if anyone could win those warriors with bloodlines, it must be his master, “Master, if you were in the ultimate state right now, would you sign up to participate?

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