World Proud Alchemy BGamingOnline Casino Chapter 329 Ice Soul Demon Gang

From the point of view of strength, Xiao Qiu beat Chen Xiang. But now Xiao Qiu was teased by Chen Xiang, his face was caught by Chen Xiang and turned into a cat. It looked so funny that many people couldn’t help laughing, “Chen Xiang, I I’m going to kill Betting you!” Xiao Chou was completely enraged by Chen Xiang, his body burst out with qi, and he let out bursts of urgency, forming an invisible force, rushing towards Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was shocked, and hastily released Xuan Wu Luo Tianmao, when that force hit, Sportybet Xiao Chou had already appeared on top of his head, and kicked his head fiercely, like a falling star full of destructive power, if there is no such knot In terms of the world, the powerful true energy released by Xiao Chou just now probably lifted the stone bricks of the entire square into a Pragmatic Play, and the fall of his foot can even make the square split into four pieces, and the sudden force The strong endorphina pressure made Chen Xiang slightly bend his knees, as if he was holding a huge mountain, but this pressure was only for a short moment, because Xiao Chou had already fallen down, and there was a muffled bang, and the stars trembled super-strongly. The blood in Shen Xiang’s body was so shocked that he almost sprayed it out, and his basalt sky cover also turned into water mist at that moment, but he blocked the crazy blow, and Gu Dongchen on the side also frowned secretly, If there is no Slot Games protected by the barrier, even the Danxiang Pagoda would have been destroyed by the move just now. He was shocked by the strength of the Premier League of the Dali Clan. Khan, if this square is destroyed, he will have to pay 10 billion spar Nairabet to Danxiang Taoyuan. Of course, it is only this time that Xiao Ziliang has seen how terrifying Xiao Qiu’s power is. no

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