Proud baccaratla liga World Alchemy Chapter 314 Learning now and using it now

Little Slot Games said, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels NetEnt, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website background color: font selection: category: author: title: competition field Except for Chen Xiang, the ten alchemists on the Internet all took out some precious elixir, which many people can name, and they all started to process the liverpool medicinal materials, only Chen Xiang did not move. Chen Xiang actually started Nairabet a long time ago, but he refined a batch of true essence pills in his mind, because this is the pill he has refined the most, so it is best to use this to try first. This content is chapter 314 content. “Little villain, you can ask Mrs. Li if I can refine other medicines for practice. Mozzartbet has plenty of time now!” Su Meiyao said. Although Chen Xiang was refining the True Essence Pill in his mind, he could still focus on other things. “Madam Li, can I refine other pills to practice?” Chen Xiang asked. “There are no rules in the rules. If you don’t worry about wasting yourself or wasting time, it’s okay.” Mrs. Li said that it is common for alchemists to practice their hands before alchemy. Paripesa also used his own time, So it is allowed. Chen Xiang wanted to refine his hands, which made many people who were about to leave stop immediately, because it was a kind of enjoyment to watch Shen rumble Xiang’s alchemy, and he could see the elixir formed in the transparent alchemy furnace, and the process was very fast. Often, it is very beautiful, especially those exuding colorful medicinal aura, just like strips of colored light dancing inside. “It’s over, this little villain wanted me to take him back to Taiwumen to get the Qingxuan fruit.

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