Aoshidan Parimatch God Chapter 28BGaming4 Conquer

The text version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Author: Category: Automatic login Color matching: Font size: Tired after the eruption of the tenth watch! The little white tiger’s body looks as big as a cow, and it is said that it can grow even bigger in the future Chen Xiang felt a little excited when he thought that he could ride a huge white tiger around. It was such a cool thing. Of course, he could only think about it. He still felt that it would be better to wrap the little white tiger in a mysterious animal bag to communicate with others. In a fight, if you can’t beat the white tiger, let the white tiger out. Sitting on the ground, Chen Xiang is covered in the smell of sweat. The white tiger is even more embarrassed. The livescore on his body is black and covered with a lot of wet soil. Haha…you got beaten up by me before you ate it, don’t you hate me very much?” Chen Xiang took out the Hundred Beast Pill and dangled it in front of the little white tiger affiliate and said with a big smile Even this kind of professional foodie can’t resist the Hundred Beast Pill, let alone this kind of inexperienced little white tiger. The half-open eyes of the little white tiger are indeed full of anger, but then they turn into fear. Think of Chen Xiang’s fear. I was beaten up by Chen Xiang for a long time, and its eye sockets were actually moist. “This little guy seems to be a mother. You are too unkind.” Long Xueyi flashscore smiled and said, “A mother tiger.” Chen Xiang laughed even more happily. Chen Xiang smiled and stuffed the Hundred Beast Pill into the tiger’s mouth, and stuffed several pills. This little white tiger is also a foodie, otherwise he wouldn’t leave the tiger’s den to find something to eat at Sportybet. Chen Xiang knew that he had to hurry up. This Bet9ja little white tiger took it away and waited for the tiger mother and tiger mother to come, so he could only run away with Hua Xiangyue. The little white tiger moved his mouth vigorously and swallowed the Hundred Beast Pill into his stomach. The look in Chen Xiang’s eyes was a little grateful to Chen Xiang hehe

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