World-Defying Pill God Chapter 254 Demon EndorphinaSurebet247 God Order

Novels, good-looking novels, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, Sportybet fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature website background color: font selection: category: author: title: [ISB 327976] The second volume of the storm came and went quickly, and now Chen Xiang had a large body buried in the soil, only the chest above was exposed, and he was a little dizzy. “Little idiot, wake up soon, haha…it’s dawn. baccarat” Long Xueyi smiled happily. The Southern Wilderness was originally dark, but now it looks like the sky is clear after the rain, chelsa can see the scorching sun hanging in the sky, and forebet can see the blue sky with a flower floating on it A white cloud, the fragrant air suddenly poured into the southern wasteland, after Chen Xiang opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but let out a loud cry. “Where am I?” His body shook and he struggled out of the mud. He only saw himself standing on a very high mountain, which was just formed. He ate some True Essence Pills and quickly recovered the exhausted zhenqi. After more than an hour, he had already recovered 80%. He released the Suzaku fire wings, looked for the direction, and flapped his wings to fly quickly. The Southern Wilderness has changed its appearance, and Chen Xiang doesn’t even know the way. The forest no longer exists, but it will still grow in the future, and the altar is completely gone. There is not so much demonic energy anymore. The entire Southern Wasteland was originally sealed, but now it has been seen again, and the demonic energy covering the Southern Wasteland disappeared instantly with the destruction of the altar. Most of the demonic energy inside The heads are dead. Soon, Chen Xiang found him

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