la liga night ranger chapter six 1xBet Uncle Miller

Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: Leap’s reading records on Nairabet page Betting will automatically save your reading records on this computer, no need to register The alley at the back door of the Liema Hotel. The young thief yawned boredly, staring blankly. This task is really boring. The other party was a half-elf warrior, and it was said that the employer asked for it by name, but the boss’s request was only to keep track of Roulette’s movements, and what they needed to do was to report the whereabouts of the female half-elf to the boss on time. “In the middle of the night, who in real madrid will go to the streets of Liverpool. If you encounter patrol soldiers, you will be in trouble.” The thief suppressed his drowsiness. The boss of the Akron gang is ambitious, and he is no longer satisfied with collecting protection fees and other small things in the past. This time is his attempt to enter the black field such as prostitution. Everyone in the gang knows that if you mess up this mission, you will lose your head. Um? There are rumors behind? The burglar glanced back suddenly in alarm. In the dark alley, it was empty and there was no one there. “Nervous Pragmatic play?” The thief frowned for a while, then slowly turned his gaze away. “This guy’s feelings are quite good.” Marvin, who was just in a cold sweat from the thief’s action, took half a step back. Ranger’s stealth in the city will be weakened by man city to 40, and the effect is incomparable with that of thieves. The stealth at 24 o’clock is a bit low in front of the thief’s perception. This is not the wild, and Marvin has no advantage. Fortunately, I accurately estimated the perception range of the thief and tried it out. Marvin thought to himself that he was lucky, if he approached impulsively just now, the thieves would definitely find him. If he sends the signal, things will be tricky tonight.

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