BetWinner Almighty BGaming Chapter 180 Mysterious Beast Roar

Online Casino novels, good-looking novels Mozzartbet, romance novels, time-travel novels, martial arts novels, online game novels, fantasy novels, YY novels, giant panda literature, giant panda literature background color: font selection: category: author Leap: title: [ ISBN 327976] Volume 2 “Lu Shang, is what you said about Liverpool true? Did he fall into the abyss of darkness?” Gu Dongchen’s face was livid, and Elder Dan and Wu Kaiming Betting trembled. “I’ll go and have a look, maybe…” Elder Dan just turned around, but was stopped by Gudong Parimatchchen. “Don’t go, we can only see his fortune!” Gu Dongchen sighed, his face was also full of sadness. Wu Kaiming looked at the blue sky and sighed. Although Chen Xiang had caused many disasters and killed a few people in the Nirvana Realm, it was all to save them, and he also obtained the Xuanwu Vajra Armor. It’s done, it’s still their uncle, and now they are in such a crisis, which makes them very sad. “I was entangled by a few black people at the time. These black people were very powerful. I couldn’t care less about Chen Xiang. In the end, he was torn together with the two black people and fell.” Lu Shang sighed, he was Elder Lu, King of Medicine A highly respected member of the Shanlu family, he was secretly shocked at this moment, he could see that Chen Xiang was very important in the eyes of these three giants. Especially Elder Dan, many people usually think that this Elder Dan hates Chen Xiang to death, but now Elder Dan Forebet’s mood is very depressed, which can be heard from her voice. Not to mention Chen Xiang’s strength, even warriors like them in Nirvana would have difficulty surviving after falling into the Nether Abyss, unless they could come up in time. If Chen Xiang’s injury healed quickly, he could use Suzaku fire in time

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