Proud BetWinner Shidan God rumble Chapter 120 Qingxuan Fruit Tree

The lonely little baccarat thief Chen Xiang returned to Taidan Wangyuan, he dug a hole in a small courtyard inside, buried a Qingxuan fruit, and began to drip dragon saliva on it! These five bottles of ambergris are enough to ripen a golden spirit fruit tree, and at least ten Slot Games golden spirit fruits can be obtained. They are all collected by Chen Xiang in the past two years. If they are unsuccessful, then the ambergris will be wasted! Chen Xiang quickly finished a bottle of sports betting, and then used his spiritual sense to explore the inside of this Qingxuan fruit. The Qingxuan fruit was slowly digesting the strange aura released by the dragon saliva, and he needed to rumble for a process. Premier League Chen Xiang returned to the room, and took out the ten True Yuan Pills. Although these True Yuan Pills were top-grade spirit-level pills, they didn’t have much effect for him now. What he needed was Foundation Establishment Pills! But he still ate it, he ate three pills at a time, and then began to refine the medicinal power in the champions league… The price of a True Yuan Pill is ten times that of a True Qi Pill, and it can buy five thousand crystal stones. The crystal stones received in one year are only 3,000 Leap. It can be seen that the True Yuan Pill is still very expensive, and the flashscore is also a must-have for a sect, because it can quickly improve the disciples of the sect, and it is also a good prize to encourage disciples . In the blink of an eye, for ten days, Chen Xiang compressed all the true energy Nairabet obtained from these ten true essence pills into the white tiger beast statue, but it could only make the true essence grains brighter a little bit, which can be ignored, so it can be seen How huge is the amount of real energy that needs to be compressed to enter the True Martial Realm? Chen Xiang ingested two years of Spiritual Qi in the Profound Realm where the spiritual energy is rich, but it only made the two True Yuan grains brighten to the limit, and that was with the help of Huang Jintian, a crazy fairy. , if he cultivates outside, it will take at least ten years to be bright

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