Proud Affiliate World Rumble Pill God Chapter 75 Taiwu Prefecture

The title of the first volume: Although Chen Xiang looks a bit handsome, he is dressed very plainly, and he doesn’t have any accessories that can show his wealth, so he looks very shabby. “Do you know how much the cost of Taiwumen is? You will be defeated in one year.” Zhu Rong pouted and said, but he suddenly heard a “crack” sound, as if someone was biting a fruit. Zhu Rong was always a delicious person, he immediately turned his head to look, and saw Chen Xiang was holding a purple fruit in his hand, biting into it bit by bit, and even spit out some of the skin. Zhu Rong was stunned for a moment, and then shouted: “Idiot, is the purple spirit fruit used by Betway? Hurry up and shut up! Your mother, Betting these skins are worth a lot, and you still spit them out…” Zi Spirit fruit is the main medicinal material for refining zhenqi pills, and eating it as a fruit is simply wasteful. After Zhu Rong saw it, he wanted to give Shen Xiang two slaps. From BGaming’s point of view, eating purple spirit fruit Pragmatic play directly is against Zi Lingguo. The blasphemy of the spirit fruit! Chen Xiang looked surprised: “This purple spirit fruit tastes very good, it’s sweet, and after eating it, a lot of true energy will appear in the body.” Zhu Rong’s fat man turned red with anger, although the purple spirit fruit was not his Yes, but his heart ached when he saw it. “Don’t eat it, I’ll buy it.” Zhu Rong shouted hastily, just after he finished speaking, Chen Xiang swallowed it in twos and threes, Zhu Rong wished he could rush up and knock Chen Xiang’s jaw off! “How much does it cost to enter Liverpool’s Taiwu Sect for a year?” Chen Xiang asked Leap with a smile. Zhu Rong stomped his feet, and snorted angrily: “A guy like you will never be able to enter the Taiwu Sect.” Although he didn’t know what Chen Xiang’s identity was, he was sure that Chen Xiang was very rich, otherwise he wouldn’t casually eat a purple

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