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Wangcheng Liverpool Martial Arts Competition is only two days away, but Yao Tianhua, the genius of the Yao family, still hasn’t heard from the Online Casino. This makes the whole Yao family jump up and down in a hurry. Yao Tianhua is rarely seen in their Yao family. A good seedling, although a bit arrogant, but the Yao family took it for granted, but now his life and death are unknown, and there is no news. (Download_Lower (Read and see! Win Q coins) Please use to visit this site. Chen Xiang came back from the casino slot mansion of the Black Wind Gang, he didn’t see his father in the Prince Dan Pavilion. “Uncle, where is my father?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked after being met by Shen Luzong. “His injury has healed a lot, don’t worry, he is returning to the Shen family now, and is going to gather all the branches to fight against Shen Furong!” Shen Luzong laughed and said: “Your father is not a person who is willing to let it go, Shen Furong Msports has been destroyed. The clan rules of the Shen family not only hurt the patriarch, but also tried to interfere in the affairs of the Shen family, and also helped the hostile forces of the Shen family. Based on these, Shen Furong must be expelled from the Shen family.” Shen Furong tried his best for his own selfishness. Helping the Yao family to deal with the Shen family really made the Shen family angry. Now Shen Tianhu has regarded Shen Furong as the real madrid number one enemy of the Shen Endorphina family. Only by solving the obstacle of Shen Furong, can the Shen family become stronger. Chen Xiang’s face was a little dignified, and he asked: “Uncle, Shen Furong is a disciple of those forebet martial arts sects. What our Shen family does is to make enemies with that martial arts sect. Paripesa” Shen Luzong shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, martial arts sects also have martial arts The rules of the sect, the champions league and their disciples cause trouble here, even if they are killed, they can’t complain, hmph, dignified

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