Dark Night Slot Games Ranger Postscript——I’m still working hard to improve Paripesa

·The text of the dark night is over. ○Let’s talk about this book first. An ending that didn’t satisfy me. Fortunately, everything went according to the outline. At least the pitfalls of the main Slot Games line have been clearly explained, and some deep foreshadowing and clues have been pointed out. Open endings have always been my favorite because the possibilities are endless. Otherwise, when I finish writing this book, I will feel that the protagonist and those lovely characters have left me; but in this kind of ending, I feel that they are still there, and sometimes it is very gratifying to think of them . In terms of the main plot roulette, there should be no problem with Pragmatic play. The world view adheres to headshots, and by the way, I clicked on the larger world of the new book “Galaxy Empire”. In fact, there are small easter eggs about the foreshadowing of the new book, but they are buried very deep. I think normal people will definitely not be able to see it, haha . Then I apologize to everyone. As I said, I am actually not satisfied with the ending of Dark Night. Although the main line is completed, there are still some pits in the branch line. Here I review myself again – as a big man, I am too glass-hearted. This flashscore should be a book for me to prove myself, but the champions league Endorphina was completely ruined because of some things encountered in the mid-term. In the mid-term, the continuous interruption, half because of myself, half because of those trolls-I am a glass heart, and it is really easy to be baccarat broken. Once the mentality explodes, there will be no state, and it will not be good to write. I am very grateful to my friends who have been able to catch up with this postscript. Really, thank you very much. I feel sorry for my friend who has been chasing after me. But in man city, things are always done. It took me half a year to adjust my mentality

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