Night Ranger Betting Man Msports Chapter 45 The Kingdom of Eternal Night

Category: Other Fiction Author: Title:__The time for absolute shelter is only seven days, and the time left for Marvin is only three days. After reading the latest chapter, he must personally solve this matter and solve the Spinmatic hidden danger of war. And the only way is for him to leave. Then in the unknown, his opponents came to him one after another. Of course Marvin had the courage to face them alone, but he was not the kind of person who likes to seek his own death. The plan to leave was thought up early in the morning. In order to save him, Pooh has already fallen into a semi-sleeping state, and Marvin can’t let him continue to be disturbed in this state. The forebet threat of the two snakes that destroy the world is always there, and there is always only one target of these enemies, not the White River Valley, but Marvin himself. So as long as he leaves, the White River Valley will be temporarily stable. Of course, such security is not inevitable. In the process of the coming of the gods, there will definitely be people who will look covetously at this piece of land in the south of the mainland. Therefore, casino Slot Marvin’s departure is not indefinite. He has a plan. “The three sisters from Luanshi Mountain sneaked here a few days ago, probably because of this incident.” Laura said clearly: “When they left Endorphina, they seemed to be very worried about Slot Games.” Marvin smiled nodded. It may be necessary to hide from others, but for Laura, there is absolutely no need for him to hide the news. First, she is not an enemy, second, she knows little about the world of the strong, and third, she will not stop herself like Anna. Of course, the envoy Roulette from Rocky Mountain had already visited the White River Valley a few days before the opening of Absolute Shelter. This time, both baccarat are truly signed off on offense and defense

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