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There are people in the background, and will reply as soon as possible! The description of this magical technique in the main text is very vague, and Ma Wen has never heard of any magical technique called the inconceivable technique before. It seems that with the divine art of Parimatch, there are infinite possibilities. But Marvin knows very well that it is impossible for pies to fall out of thin air. What’s more, the description in the column of materials made Marvin guess something. This divine spell may require some very precious materials to use. Anyway, in the short term, it shouldn’t be of much use. “In this way, the fourth slate of destiny seems to have no benefit other than making me a language expert.” Marvin shook his head in his heart and smiled bitterly: “And after I leave here, I not only have to think about how to prevent the sky blue pastor The first time 1xBet released the World-Exterminating Twin Snakes, a group of people in the Tongtian Tower are also staring at me!” “I’m afraid that because of me alone, the Baihe Valley will be implicated!” Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little heavy. The White River Valley was a place he swore to protect to the death, and no mistakes were allowed. The only good news is that Marvin established the shelter early, so there shouldn’t be any problems in a short time. As long as I can solve the problem on the Slate of Destiny poker! Yes, at this moment, Marvin has no way out. Only by finding all the keys and unraveling the mystery of the Slate of Fate can he find out the truth behind all this. Collecting all the tomes of the naaru is so difficult. But Marvin didn’t give up. Because he felt that betting, if there is one person in this world who can break through this predicament, that person is himself. By accident, he has already collected all 7 pages of the book of Nalu

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