Night Ranger Tenth Leap Chapter Five Pragmatic play God-like

In the pitch-black molten field. Fierce fighting is still going on. However, in just three minutes, the battle situation has gradually become clearer. At the beginning, Marvin’s betting state was completely reversed after he comprehended the shadow fire and successfully transformed into the blade of Sodom. The sportybet ability of the King of Shadows is not fake. With the attributes doubled, Ma Wen’s combat power is almost equal to that of a god with medium divine power! The aura of the Son of the Plane allows him to ignore all laws and suppression, and the super strong will save can also allow him to resist the mental impact from the Molten Lord. All shortcomings have been made up. The stone man incarnated by Molten Lord’s avatar couldn’t keep up with Marvin’s super agility! The scimitar of the shadow fire took advantage of the situation and parimatched to remove an arm of the stone man, and almost cut off his neck! Although the enemy possessed powerful regenerative abilities, Marvin was in no hurry. He tested all the opponent’s hole cards one by one, maintaining a stable and rhythmic attack frequency. In the eyes of most people, the Premier League has actually been decided. The Molten Lord’s avatar was obviously weak, and it was estimated that he had also suffered serious injuries during the process of being driven back from the Molten Purgatory. Di Luosi’s father and grandson are also vicious enough, one is in charge of the main body, and the other is in charge of the avatar, this is to completely wipe out the Molten Fire Clan! Many people have already begun to think about Marvin’s previous proposal. With Marvin’s current status and status, it is naturally impossible to just talk about it. He said that there must be something important to find that little boy. The people present began to recall the appearance of that person, but the strange thing is that some people clearly remembered where they had seen the little boy on the picture scroll.

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