Night Ranger Chapter 2 rumble The new born Ranger (Part 2)

Share this site by title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register A slightly depressing atmosphere lingered in the beach city in the evening, but Marvin still felt like a fish in water. He even instinctively made a stealthy move when he stepped into an alley and stepped into the shadows. Those are some good habits that can help thieves be more stealthy when sneaking around. However, the current Marvin of the Champions League is not only weak, but also not a professional, so naturally he can’t use his stealth skills. Turning a corner, two young faces were paying today’s proceeds to a strong man—Marvin recognized one of them, a second-class thief, these young thieves were stealing in the city, but their proceeds were All must be handed over to the gangsters who run them. The strong man glanced at Marvin, as if he saw the noble badge on Marvin’s sleeve, and said something cursing. Marvin bowed his head and left quickly. Now he is not qualified to cause trouble at Online Casino. River Beach City is a city-state under the rule of the Southern Wizarding Union. Like other cities, the church of the gods is struggling to develop here. But in recent years, the Church of Silver has been an outlier. Not only have they established a firm foothold in River Beach City, but they have also faintly become River Beach City’s movement. “I can’t do this, my conscience won’t allow me to do this!” The tramp struggled a bit. Marvin smiled and said, “Of course you can.” After that, he handed the bottle of golden rum to the homeless man. The tramp’s breathing suddenly became thicker. He grabbed the black professional medal with all his strength, pressed the ink pad, and finally left a mark on the letter paper. Above it is a circle of holly leaves la liga, with a name in the center: Mark Huwen. Marvin took the flashscore stationery ecstatically, and the homeless drank the bottle of golden rum hungrily. Before he finished drinking, Marvin quickly left the alley. Letters of recommendation have been received. Inauguration task completed. Half an hour later, when Marvin walked out of the Ranger Union, he had a sika deer medal on his chest. This marks that he has successfully entered the first-order profession – Ranger. At the same time, he also received a title with special effects. The newborn ranger welcomes all book lovers to come and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are here! “” is updated with the full text of Meng, keep in mind the URL: This site strongly recommends the new book “” by Tang Jiasan Shao, and the new book “” by Feng Lingtianxia. Mobile users log in to m.suimeng. , to return to the previous page, press → to enter the next page. Random recommendation: The content is collected and provided by netizens, and reposted to Suimeng Novel Network just to promote “” and let more book lovers know.

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