Dark Night Spinmatic Ranger Chapter 230 Forming an Alliance

·Before the second volume of cataclysm “Caroline!?” “Why are you here?” When the door opened, several people in the legendary team were all surprised. Because behind the gate stood a woman in black clothes. The woman had a delicate and rumble face, and a brooch with a special style was pinned to her chest. Marvin recognized the pattern. The Spider Queen’s people. This woman, Aoi and the others obviously knew each other. Sure enough, in the ensuing conversation, Marvin knew her identity. She is actually a member of the United Council of Darkness! It’s no wonder that everyone in the legendary team was so surprised by Real Madrid. From their Premier League’s point of view, Caroline, as a member of the Dark United Council, has no reason to appear in such a place! The atmosphere became subtle chelsa up. Caroline’s livescore looked very relaxed, and her face was full of smiles: “You don’t have to be too surprised.” “My appearance here will not do any harm to you NetEnts. On the contrary, I will bring a roulette to everyone.” Good news.” “Good news?” Aoi showed distrust. Her eyes passed over Caroline herself. Not far away, large expanses of snow were squirming, and terrifying frost spiders emerged one after another. All the legendary powerhouses present could sense that these frost spiders were not ordinary creatures. They all carry a strong divinity! “It’s actually the descendant of the Spider Queen, this woman is really a lunatic!” Marvin complained silently in his heart. I thought the situation was already stable, but unexpectedly there was another variable. This Caroline is probably the chosen one or servant of the Spider Queen, she appears here, definitely

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