Proud Slot Games World Nine Heavens Chapter 753 sports betting Chapter 5 Gentle Response [Chapter 3! 】

“Don’t you think! You don’t have the qualifications to take Paripesa as the leader!” Lan Mofeng immediately said, “You can only watch them after they pass by, but can’t you watch poker before they pass by? Why do you have to go there?” He said wrongly: “It’s like this. Before they passed, several people passed by first, and a large cloud of snow dust was raised! It is also unclear. [] And we absolutely dare not approach…” “Did someone go there before?” Wu Wuqingrou frowned, leaned over and asked, “How many people are there?” He hesitated for a moment, and said, “I guess…at least one hundred and five to two hundred people!” “The direction is On our side?” Fifth Qingrou asked. “Yes, the Premier League is interspersed in a straight line, and the target is our league headquarters without any disguise!” “Well, well, it’s none of your business.” Fifth Gently signaled Lan Mofeng to cut it off. Wu Wuqingrou took a long breath, stood up slowly, her brows were furrowed, and her eyes were full of thoughts. Below, a dozen or so people looked at him nervously. The current decision baccarat is really a battle of victory and defeat. It is very possible that the outcome of this contact war will be determined by Wu Wuqingrou’s judgment this time! Everyone didn’t dare to speak to disturb Wu Wuqingrou’s train of thought, and just waited quietly; as the supreme Pragmatic play, there is still a bit of calmness. In the tent, the instant needle drop could be heard. Only the sound of Fifth Gentle ‘Da, Mozzartbet, Da’ Evolution game’s slow pace back and forth was heard. “The number of people dispatched by the opponent this time must be more than the opponent’s last few operations. Otherwise, sports betting will never disturb the line of sight in advance and wipe out traces afterwards.” “The opponent’s previous deployments

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