Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Seven Hundred NetEnt Chapter 18 Nine Heavens Dance! [Second update! real madrid】

Chu Le’er snorted, and was so angry that she didn’t speak. Wu Juecheng said: “Actually, the real purpose of becoming stronger in martial arts is to kill people! NetEnt, you do it for protection, for plunder, or for longevity… But, there is a prerequisite: no matter what you do What, you have to kill!” Liverpool “If you don’t kill, you will be killed!” “You say you protect, so when someone wants to hurt the thing you want to protect, will you kill this person? If you don’t kill him, he will come back next time; maybe Surebet247 will completely destroy your protection! So you must kill!” “Someone is blocking your longevity, do you want to kill him?” “If you want to rob someone, others will not Will you give it to you as soon as you say it?” “So rumble, practicing martial arts, killing people is the first priority!” “Practicing swords, swords, and fists are all for killing people! And we use poison for killing people! Wu Juecheng said: “Why can they be upright and upright, but we can’t?” “We who use poison should be more righteous than those who practice swords and fists! More open and aboveboard!” “Because, they and us In contrast, they are only thinking about killing people, but we use poison well, not only can Mozzatbet kill people, but also save people! But can Roulette and others save people with swords and knives?” Wu Juecheng said bluntly: “That’s why we are the good people of Slot Games! Leer, you have to remember this.” Chu Leer said unconvinced: “They use swords, swords, fists and feet to fight for justice, so they can save people!” “What is sports betting? Heroic?” Wu Juecheng curled his lips: “They want to save a person who is besieged, then. If they don’t kill the person who besieged this person, can they save it? Yes.

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