Premier League Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 695 Chapter 695 Msports dances lightly and trains soldiers for nine robberies!

Before making a move, Mo Lei’er shouted coquettishly: “Look at the sword!” This Leap shouted loudly, to be honest, Mo Lei’er didn’t understand the reason. [ ] And she herself was extremely reluctant. I, Sportybet, was originally a Slot Games sneak attack, but I have to shout to remind the enemy to take precautions before making a move? What’s the point? ? But before making a move, sports betting Mo Tianji told him time and again: Before making a move, you must be invisible in the most perfect state, but when you make a move, you must shout loudly! Mo Tianji Pragmatic Play repeated this sentence seven or eight times! Later, Mo Lei’er got annoyed, and after finally agreeing, Mo Tianji actually babbled again and again. It almost made Mo Lei’er go berserk on the basis of being extremely puzzled. So before making a move, Mo Lei’er reluctantly shouted. With this loud shout, something really happened! Live betting She herself is in a state of complete invisibility, and such an invisibility state cannot hide from Xiao Chenlei’s perception at all! He clearly knew that there were still two enemies ambushing in secret! He has also been waiting for these two ambushes. Even though he has been injured and retreated, he has been on high alert. But Xiao Chenlei never dreamed that there would be such two attacks! Attack of two women! This made Xiao Betting Chenlei completely lose his sense of proportion and his ability to judge. man city earlier, he had determined that this was the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and his Nine Tribulations attacking him, snatching the dragon and phoenix bone! This inference has been fully confirmed ever since Chu Yang made the trick of “Slaughtering the World”! And from the beginning of being attacked until now, there are exactly eight people! Gu Du

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