Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven

Chu Yang scratched Slot Games’ head. I’m a little puzzled, if it’s so easy to advance by eating the core of a spirit beast, then Leap… don’t other spirit beasts know? From this point of view, this livescore wind fox seems to be a little different from Slot Games… But Chu Yang didn’t know, how many of the spirit beasts since ancient times can bathe in the majestic purple energy? But when Chu Yang was in Tianji City, he also punched Fenghu into the body! For Fenghu, this is simply a matter of heaven and earth! He was just thinking that Chu Le Parimatch took out seven or eight 11th-level and 12th-level spirit beast cores from the Ye family, and they are all here. Chu Yang originally wanted to give it to Fenghu, but now that the Premier League is in sight… let’s wait until this guy wakes up. What if this guy blows up Betway… Mo Qingwu won’t cry to death? This is her sweetheart. But thinking of this, Chu Yang suddenly flashed an idea like lightning. This thought flashed through his mind, Chu Yang was stunned suddenly, and hurried to catch it. After a long time, I finally remembered. Chu Yang couldn’t help touching his chin, and smiled. Looking at the wind fox in Mo Qingwu’s hand, she thought about it. Chu Yang suddenly thought that Mo Qingwu was always an important part of him; no matter in Jiuchongtian or in the future, he was indispensable. I can’t be by her side anytime, anywhere. And Windfox 1xBet can! Although the current Fenghu is powerful, if it reaches the Nine Heavens, it may not be what will happen to Msports. But if we start to strengthen the core supply from now on… Will I cultivate a unique beast of the Nine Heavens? In that case, wouldn’t it mean that Mo Qingwu was always accompanied by a super bodyguard? If it reaches a certain point. That

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