Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven Chapter 674: Flame Burns La Liga Heavenly Que, 999 Betway Nineteen [Third update! 】

Writing a book is not easy. Welcome to the starting point to subscribe to this book or vote! ! The article is serialized with nearly twenty chapters. Total serialized stickers Total serialized stickers for VIP chapters. Qidian flashscore helps friends who don’t know how to subscribe or don’t know how to vote on Qidian, please read it. Seeing Mo Qingwu’s knife, even though he only saw the scabbard, the supreme being was a little bit gimmick. This is clearly a handicraft knife. How can anyone have such a delicate and exquisite knife? Even if it’s an ornamental knife, it doesn’t need to be so small… It’s obviously a gorgeous knife made by Ning Tianya to please his apprentice. As for the earth-shattering power this knife can exert in the hands of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old loli? That’s really hahahaha… What’s more, this little girl only has the sixth-grade endorphina at the holy level…so Mozzartbet just grabbed her without any scruples. If Mo Qing Spinmatic Wu made a knife, he didn’t have to dodge it at all, he just grabbed it. If the knife that this little girl cherishes so much at the moment of life and death is smashed into pieces of iron, it can also take revenge for the way these little girls despised me just now… Mo Qingwu flew back lightly and without anything retreat. The supreme man chased after him at a leisurely pace, grabbed it persistently with one hand, and said with a smile: “Miss Mo…don’t struggle anymore, you know, it’s useless…” At this moment, Mo Qingwu Hao moved her wrist, pulled her right hand out, and pulled the scabbard horizontally with her left hand, the movements were done in one go! In the dark night forest, suddenly a red light shot up into the sky! Red light flashes! Mo Qingwu slashed across with a merciless, clean knife! With one knife, he chopped off the hand that was showing its teeth and claws in front of him.

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