Proud World Nine Forebets Heavy Heaven Part Seven 22Bet Chapter 663 The Inhuman Skynet Chaser

Li Wubo was very happy. When he was happy, he talked a lot with Li Xiongtu again, talking about the situation in the world, giving pointers to the world, looking at the heroes in the world, and commenting. Finally, he said the frustrating words: “Xiongtu, Lijue, Batian; you three, NairabetSlot Games must remember a word from me.” “What?” “In case… I mean Wanpoker-BGaming! Of course, before that, we will do our best to strive for the best ending, but if what happens, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master Betting has not come, our Li family will not be able to support the flashscore, then… the three of you, Just take your own woman, support each other in the Evolution game, don’t worry about anything, run for your life immediately!” Li Wubo’s hawk-like eyes showed a trace of hesitation, he was silent for a long time, and said: “If the Li family is really over, you… It is necessary to preserve the seeds of the Li family… If it really comes to that time, you guys must remember your escape, it is not the escape of cowards, but the responsibility of the bravest!” The three looked at Li Wubo in a daze, unable to think of the patriarch. At this time, such words were spoken. “At that time, all of us will live betting and will not condemn you, and everyone will desperately cover your escape!” Li Wubo said gloomyly: “Of course, I’m just saying in case of the situation!” The three of them were stunned. Li Wubo, who has always been ruthless and iron-fisted, actually said such words. Including his biological sons Li Jue and Li Batian, they were a little stunned and couldn’t accept it. “Of course, that kind of event may not necessarily happen!” Li Wubo smiled in relief and stood up. Just walked out. Li Jue, Li Batian and Li Xiongtu looked at each other complicatedly, then

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