The Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 650 of Spinmatic The Little White Rabbit and the Big Bad Wolf

Writing a book is not easy. Welcome to the starting point to subscribe to this book or vote! ! The article is serialized with nearly twenty chapters. Total serialized stickers Total serialized stickers for VIP chapters. Qidian Help Friends who don’t know how to subscribe on Qidian, or don’t know how to vote, please read the Evolution game on Betway. Ning Tianya was struck by lightning in an instant! He is very aware of his current physical condition, and now he can’t use any strength at all. It can be said that his head can be chopped off with a single knife by an ordinary person. In that way… he became the first Ninth Rank Supreme Being whose head was beheaded in Jiuchongtian? Being tied up by five flowers, Chuan, Chuan beheaded? Thinking of this, Ning Tianya almost fainted. Rao has already seen through life and death in bet games, but Chuan…can’t let Paripesa die like that…it’s embarrassing and aggrieved…” Ning Tianya desperately rolled his eyes, but he didn’t even have any Pragmatic Play power, let alone could Speak out… Two guards rushed up like wolves, shook out a hemp rope, tied up Ning Dazhizun, and hung him upside down. With a puff, a ball was stuffed in his mouth. Rag. Ning Zhizun’s mood at this moment is really amazing. Dare the old man rumble down in a hurry, just because Endorphina is about to be beheaded at this moment? Tie Butian waved his hand, signaling to take it out. Chief Feng Qiliang Rolling his eyes, he took a step forward, and said respectfully: “Your Majesty, this old man is obviously not someone who can sneak into the palace without a sound. I am worried, this… will it be “…” ?” Tie Butian’s eyes narrowed. Feng Qiliang said cautiously: “If Your Majesty doesn’t mind… you can hand over this old man to the servant, and the servant will definitely let him say something.”

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