Proud World Nine Chelsa Chong Tian Part Seven Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-Eight of Betway Er, can you regret it?

·In my opinion, although the Nine Great Families are powerful, they may not be all that great. The so-called accumulation of thousands of years is nothing but a joke. “He smiled coldly and said: “Of course there are many masters, but…according to the current situation, it’s just that we lack some time…at least, they haven’t seen through your scheme. Mo Tianji’s face darkened, and real worry appeared in his eyes. He braced himself up, and solemnly said to Gu Duxing: “Gu Er Er, your sports betting thinking is very dangerous!” You are a very important flashscore among our brothers, if you underestimate the enemy like this… the consequences will be disastrous! “Gu Duxing said coldly: “At the beginning of Parimatch, in the next three days, the boss, a roulette, and a 1xBet sword, are far away from the world!” In the three days of middle school, we also started from the humble beginnings and gradually grew! In the past three days… we have successfully taken the first step! “” The inheritance of thousands of years has been destroyed once! “Mo Tianji interrupted: “Do you know why it is so easy?” “Gu Duxing said indifferently: “The Nine Tribulations Sword Master will come out once every ten thousand years. In this festival, all major families know baccarat. It shouldn’t be unprepared, but when things come to an end, it’s still so unbearable. How do you let me look at them high? “Mo Tianji sighed heavily, looked at the top of his head with deep eyes, and said for a long time, “Done, let me tell you about the Nine Great Families…I will turn your thinking around before I talk about it, otherwise, you can go on like this , sooner or later, he will make a rash decision and send all the brothers to death! ” Gu Duxing said coldly: “Say it. “Lan didn’t regret outside and wanted to make a move, but when he heard what Mo Tianji said, he couldn’t help but stopped. From the conversation between the two people

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