Proud World Nine Heavens Part VII Pragmatic play Hundred Live Betting Chapter 26 Coincidence and Provocation

He finally realized that many people on the street were hurrying to the north to participate in the battle to exterminate the Li family. It turned out that the Fa Zun had issued an order to exterminate the Li family. Of course Chu Yang was interested in exterminating the Li family, but he felt that for now, his first priority was to take care of his brothers and go to the next three days. As for the Li family… I’d better go there when I have time. Of course, Chu Yang didn’t know that when he left, many people had already left and were on the way. For example, Tan Tan, for example, Mr. Wei, for example, Mo Tianji, Gu Duxing and others… Chu Yang is flying like a gallop. In the afternoon, when it was about to get dark, Chu Yang suddenly noticed that a cavalry team was coming towards him on the main road ahead. Among the cavalry, a carriage with rolling wheels came galloping. Chu Yang dodged to the side of the road, and the cavalry roared past; when the carriage passed by Chu Yang’s Pragmatic play, the roulette opened a slit of the curtain by no coincidence. The two eyes met Chu Yang’s. There was a look of astonishment on the faces of the two of them at the same time. Immediately Betting heard an order: “Stop!”… Sportybet was among the Zhuge family’s team roaring north, and Wu Qingrou sat in the carriage with a calm expression. He didn’t know why the Fa Zun called on him to direct Mozzartbet, and he didn’t know what happened in the middle. But he still cherishes this opportunity. So here he is. Walking all the way to the northwest, Fifth Qingrou felt a little regretful. Because, the sixth section of the Nine Tribulations Man City Sword appeared, and the passage to the Nine Heavens has been opened. In fact, what Fifth Qingrou wants to do the most is to carefully analyze every person who passes through the Nine Heavens during this time. and then find each

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