Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven Chapter 615 The Sword Paripesa Hilt Returns [Seventh forebet update! 】

“I hold the power of life and death, five fingers close together and the sky wants to fall; Nine Tribulations and Nine Scattering winds and clouds gather, and the blood outside the Nine Layers of Heaven is like ink!” Nine Tribulations Sword, chapter six! Looking at the sword move NetEnt by Sword Spirit Dance Liverpool, Chu Yang had a strong feeling of ‘the wind and cloud are in his hand, the world is in his heart’! This is an indescribable certainty, an indescribable arrogance! I hold the power of life and death! This is the first move of the sixth section of the sword. This move baccarat is extremely proud and arrogant, and it has a kind of awe-inspiring might. Binghuo Chinese seems to declare to the whole world in Pragmatic play, with a kingly attitude: Betking is in control of the power of life and death in this world! This is a killer move with both offense and defense! And, take the momentum. In actual combat with this move, the person facing this move will have a feeling of surrender in his heart: invincible! Can only surrender! Under this trick, if I want you to live, you will live, if I want you to die, you will die! Life and death are all in one thought, it depends on my mood! The second trick is Betway, put your fingers together and the sky is about to fall! But it has further exaggerated this momentum to the extreme. The first move dealt with only humans, but the second move dealt with heaven! When I hold this sword with five fingers together, the sky will also fall down! Not to mention that those who are my enemies can only be reduced to powder under this sword! No one who is my enemy will survive! The third sword, Nine Tribulations and Nine Dispersions, is a completely violent attack! It seems that the Nine Heavens Fengyun will gather again and again. Explosions again and again. More powerful each time! After gathering strength in the first two moves, rumble, this move completely broke out in la ligabet game; just like the waves of the Yangtze River, the tide of the sea rises! to the first

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