Proud chelsa World Nine Heavens Seventh Paripesa Department Chapter 603 A fabricated adventure [Fifth update! 】

Feng Lingtian “Why didn’t they stop us?” Both of them were wondering about this question! Then they smiled wryly at the same time: “So you don’t know.” These two words were said at the same time. Immediately, the two laughed as they roulette together. Just now, the two were plotting against each other, but at this moment after going through a life-and-death pursuit, they worked together to escape successfully, and both of them had a feeling in their hearts. It seems that the hostility in my heart has weakened a little. People are like this, after a sudden and extreme danger, they always subconsciously look at the incomparably kind people around them—even if they are their own enemies. But the kindness at this moment is the most precious thing in the world. “Although I don’t know, but they definitely have no reason to let us go.” Chu Yang smiled and analyzed: “Their sudden abnormal behavior must be… encountered some irresistible baccarat…Brother Ye , could it be that your ancestor is here? Was it his hand that stopped the four fifth-rank supreme beings?” Ye Zui pondered for a moment, and said, “Impossible. If it was really suppressed silently There are four people who are gathering momentum and waiting for their energy and spirits to become full…the fifth-rank supreme beings who are about to attack, I am afraid that the cultivation base of my ancestors cannot reach such an understatement level.” Chu Yang said “oh” Voice. I became more and more confused in my heart: There are only a handful of people with this level of cultivation in the world. Here, who is it? Thinking of what Zi Xieqing said before leaving: Jiuzhongtian is a master who has fought against me in Endorphina… Chu Yang’s heart twitched: Is there still a hidden master here? but… this

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