Proud World Nine Heavens Seventh Part Five Hundred and Seventy Man City Chapter Nine Bet9ja Tiandu Miss [Third update! 】

Table of Contents: Wind Ling Tianxia Chu Le’er was angry in her heart: Now that I am alive, why can’t I live out BetWinner’s own demeanor? Do what you want to do most? Why should I be bound by any contract with Bet9ja? I am naturally happy to praise me, but it doesn’t matter if you scold me. You scold you, I kill mine. As long as my brother, father, and mother don’t scold me… no? To be alive, Betting is to wanton! Just want to be free and easy! Just be free! Just want to do my own way! Just do what you want to do! Only in this way can we live up to our wonderful life and youth! Wujuecheng started, “Well, I understand…Surebet247…” “It’s good to understand. For example, brothels and affiliates. The places where romantic talents and traffickers go are definitely not the same place… Cough cough, I made a mistake as a teacher… In fact, I never go to that kind of place…” Endorphina “Well, my apprentice believes that Master will never go… once!” Wu Juecheng covered his face and ran away in tears. “To behave in the world, you must be upright!” The poisonous doctor Wu Juecheng said in a dignified manner: “So, if you kill someone, you must reveal your name! If so, you have a clear conscience!” , I am Chu Leer!” Chu Leer said. “Not good!” Wu Juecheng frowned: “The word Chu Le’er is too imposing. Traveling in the rivers and lakes, Slot Games has a resounding nickname… this needs to be carefully planned.”‘” Well, what the master said is so, let’s discuss it.” The master and apprentice immersed themselves in research for a long time, and after rejecting countless nicknames, a nickname that both master and apprentice felt satisfied finally appeared out of nowhere. Once this nickname appears, Roulette will become famous because of Miss Chu Leer. immediate wind

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