flashscore The World-Proud Nine Heavens Part Seven Chapter 567 Tune the Tiger from the Mountain [The first update! 】

The content is being loaded……. until the near, the four criminals are still a little unbelievable. Looking at the thirty-six corpses in front of him, it was almost like a dream. This, it’s not like Chu Yang and Wanjie are acting, but it’s like the other thirty-six Betking are acting. Wei Wuyan and the others looked calm on the surface, but in fact they were inexplicably shocked in their hearts! What exactly is going on? Everyone is a discerning person, so don’t say anything like practicing Surebet247 or not acting. The previous battle was definitely a real battle. It is absolutely true that Wanjie and Chu Yang were injured by the Evolution game! Otherwise, one of the opponent’s three affiliates and sixteen masters is a fool? If it hadn’t been confirmed that the two Liverpool people were dead, how could they have started to divide the spoils so recklessly without any precautions? The least threatening BGaming enemy is, of course, the dead! Everyone in the Jianghu understands this truth. But what is going on in this scene? The dead jumped up and killed? He was scared to death even if he wasn’t killed… “What’s going on here?” One of the executioners asked in surprise as if he had seen a ghost. “Here, the heavenly secret must not be leaked.” Chu Yang laughed, quickly picked up the scattered amethyst chalcedony, and arranged: “Hurry up, pick up those clean white robes and put them on. If there are any extra, I will also put them on.” And take them away.” Wei Wuyan and the others took action immediately. Wanjie was still a little dazed until he put on the white robe. But of course he kept his mouth shut. Only Wanjie had the most right to speak about the situation at that time; but he was also the one who shocked real madrid the most! After being selected by Chu Yang to carry out this plan,

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