Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter VII Paripesa Chapter 561 The Sky Is Falling

Everyone felt at the same time: the most unbelievable, most unexpected thing of this century… Happened! Li Wubo let out a snarl, and slapped chelsa. The palm wind roared out with a sharp roar, and hit the big hole punched by Master Zi head-on! Everyone dissuaded them one after another, some were panicked, some were ready to fight, and some were ready to rescue the Patriarch… But under the eyes of everyone, there was a loud bang! Stone chips fly! Everyone was dumbfounded! Because, even the Ninth Rank Supreme could not draw a huge column with a little white mark, just under Li Wubo’s palm, there was a la liga…a big hole appeared! The big hole is forty or fifty feet deep! Everyone was stunned! How is this going? Could it be that the Patriarch’s cultivation has surpassed the pinnacle of the Ninth-Rank Supreme and reached a level that a big family can’t understand? Otherwise, the patriarch’s slap on this huge pillar, which the ancestors would have been injured in the first place… slapped it away? And it looks very easy? Although Li Wubo was prepared in his heart, when this happened, he was still dumbfounded, and he couldn’t help but glance at his own palm… I saw the big hole made by Li Wubo’s palm, and he stabbed it straight in. , like a broad road. At this moment, gravels flew down, and puffs of white smoke came out of the cave… dense. However, there is only a choking nose, not the overwhelming aura of Paripesa as imagined. Li Wubo’s face became even uglier. Livescore didn’t wait for the smoke to disappear, Li Wubo jumped up and rushed in! Several other Supremes also rushed in. The next moment, everyone stood in the empty column

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