World-Proud Nine Heavens Seventh Endorphina Part Five Hundred and Five Betting Eleven Chapter Avenge [Second update! 】

“You will know all about the future.” Lang Yilang said this after a long time, and said: “I never thought that Hong Wuliang’s Evolution game would be so lucky. When it was already very difficult, he would accept a good apprentice, and this apprentice has served him Betting for a thousand years!” Langichiro’s thin chest heaved and heaved, and after a long time, Endorphina stretched out his sleeve and wiped it Wiping his tears, he said: “The story says that the Slot Games is over. In the middle, there is chelsa, the most pitiful person, the most despicable person, and the most stupid person, BetWinner! Just three people, Online Casino has formed this section after a thousand years. A tragedy of more than 600 years! Wei Wuyan…do you have anything to say?” He actually smiled softly and absent-mindedly. Wei Wuyan fell down sadly, and murmured powerlessly: “You keep saying that you are a fool, but how do you know that the most stupid person is me! You are better than me, live betting at least you have been hating all the time, and you are just a lover, Not a wife yet… no descendants…” Lang Yilang frowned: “Oh?” Killed with my own hands, my own son was strangled to death by him in his infancy, and I have served him for nearly a thousand years after these things… Who is stupid? Hahaha… Are you stupid? Why are you stupid? You are more stupid than me Are you more stupid?” Lang Yilang was silent for a long time, and finally said: “So you are also so miserable.” Wei Wuyan smiled, and shed tears at the same time: “Do you feel that the feeling of sympathy is very refreshing?” Lang Yilang immediately laughed too . while laughing. Sad tears flowed down one side, tragically

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