Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Fifth flashscore one hundred and twenty Betway Chapter eighteen a piece of super hob meat! [Third update! 】

“How could I lie to you?” Li Tongtian’s amiable Surebet247 smiled, his eyes were gentle and proud, like a weasel catching a chicken: “Brother Zi, I am a sixth-rank supreme being who has crossed the barrier between immortals and mortals.” Do you think, in my capacity, it is possible forebet to deceive you?” Chu Yang repeatedly said: “Disrespect, disrespect! It is absolutely impossible for the time to deceive me, and it is impossible for livescore to deceive me.” “Hehehehe… …” Slot Games Li Tongtian’s eyes flashed sharply: “Look, now you are in my hands, and I will threaten you with life and death, or use other means to make you submit…It’s not difficult, is it?” Chu Yang He repeatedly agreed, looking extremely terrified, sweating and saying: “It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult!” Li Tongtian nodded in satisfaction: “But I still give you a chance to cooperate… huh? “Chu Yang overjoyed Parimatch and said; “As long as your family can give a certain amount of fairness and keep the promise, why should I, Zixiaoyan, spare such efforts?” Haha roulette laughed, and Li Tongtian said: “Not bad! Our family needs to develop, and your family needs to survive… We can give you the greatest help! And you can also help us and solve our problems… In this way, everyone can get what they need, wouldn’t it be good? It’s better to talk about the interests first, and then cooperate sincerely, rather than intrigue with each other, right?” Chu Yang laughed: “Old Li is indeed a person who does great things!” Li Tongtian smiled slightly, and said reservedly: “But , The things you said… are just your one-sided words, and I have to confirm it before I can introduce you to the family with confidence.” He raised his head lightly and said: “I need to see your ability.

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