Proud World Nine Heavens Part Seven Fifth Liverpool Chapter 116 Two Swords Fighting [BGaming’s first update! 】

sodu,,back to homepage sodu brothers are definitely not the first challenger, Ji Mo, but the evil son, Ao Xie Yun, especially Ao Xie Yun, the one who was beaten the worst among the sodu brothers. Bet game is okay, not to mention that Chu Yang was supposed to be called a “leader” at the beginning. How could Chu Yang let it go? The “Dragon Horn” of Ao Xie Yun Man City is the most majestic, so Mr. Xie even parimatched it Begging for mercy: Boss, it’s my dad’s birthday today… Save me some face… I just got the answer from Chu Yuzuo: You have more face in your incarnation of Shenlong livescore Lien Zhan The four of them Chu Yang is in a good mood and is very happy except that he came up because he underestimated the enemy Ji Mo, who turned into a dragon’s Spinmatic head in one move, and the other three gave Chu Yang huge surprises to varying degrees. Everyone’s cultivation base is the same, but their fighting methods are completely different. This is the most amazing thing. Chu Yang is happy: Each rumble has its own style. Even if they are together every day, they will never be assimilated by each other. Self-independence is very strong. This is also the most basic and important fundamental condition for becoming a peak warrior. Luo Kedi is a lone wolf. The general attack method and wild swordsmanship surprised Chu Yang. Fighting against Luo Kedi is like facing a pack of wolves in a boundless forest. The extremely hungry wolves are biting from all directions. Xie Danqiong’s Qionghua, which will be divided into corpses, blooms, crowning the world. That dazzling and dreamlike and blurred move makes Chu Yang’s eyes wide open. The Qionghua blooms like a goddess scattered flowers. The beauty is overwhelming, but behind this extreme beauty is an unmatched murderous intent. Chu Yang’s clothes were cut with more than a dozen cuts, which belonged to Xie Danqiong.

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