Proud World Nine Heavens, Part Seven, Chapter 493, Leap, 22Bet kills people to pay for their lives! [Second update! 】

Xuanyang jade, the concomitant of Xuanyang chalcedony, one of the nine wonder medicines in the world roulette! Xuanyang chalcedony, through the ages, only Chu Yang has ever owned it! This Xuanyang jade, under Surebet247, only a few people have it, and it was all sent by Chu Yang! When he got Xuanyang chalcedony back then, Chu Yang once gave the two shadows a piece of chalcedony. The piece given to Tie Butian is still hanging around Tie Butian’s neck. So, whose is hanging around Lan Ruo’s neck? Shadow, where did it go? Shadow knew that he gave Tie Butian Nine Layers Pill, but now Lan Ruo didn’t know until he met him. That is to say, the shadow knew about it, but didn’t say it. But the jade of the shadow came to Lan Ruo. Where did the shadows go? This is almost obvious! Chu Yang figured it out as soon as he thought about it: Lan Ruo must have asked the two shadows for questioning immediately after she came down, to get to the bottom of it. But the two shadows didn’t talk about life and death, and finally Liverpool was murdered by Lan Ruo! And Xuanyang Jade also naturally came into Lan Ruo’s hands. Otherwise, the shadow will never leave the body. The use of Xuanyang Jade to the two of them can be said to be crucial! It is more useful for regulating the body. How could such a rare treasure in the world be given away? Chu Yang wished he could slap Lan Ruo to death right now, why would he be interested in cooperating with him? The above things directly announced one point: No matter how hard the Lan family tries, how much they flatter and curry favor, the Lan family has already been sentenced to death in Chu Yang! NO CHANGES! Lan Jia Endorphina inadvertently. He has laid all the foundations to get closer to the Nine Tribulations Sword Master and continue to prosper for thousands of years;

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