Dark Night Spinmatic Ranger Chapter 186 Alchemy Box 【Second Endorphina Update】

In the memory baccarat, what Marvin really needs to find is an artifact called the alchemy box. The alchemy box in Bayi’s previous life was obtained by a large guild, and finally that guild used the alchemy box to create the first human artifact, Champions League. And the alchemy box is said to be hidden in the alchemy experiment area of ​​the Snake Witch. Marvin walked carefully along the road in the experimental area, avoiding some obvious dangerous objects, and finally came to a small room of Endorphina. This room is markedly different from the rest of the house. The rest of the rooms had their windows open and were lit with wizard fires. After all, the snake witch was born on the surface of the earth. No matter how long Betting stayed underground, it would be difficult for her to change the living habits of the surface humans. There is no doubt about it. However, this small room is closed on all sides, without any light. If it wasn’t for Marvin’s dark vision, he wouldn’t even be able to see what was around him. “Huh? Is this mercury?” “I painted every corner of the wall with poker silver? Why?” Marvin’s heart jumped slightly, and he realized that he might have found some key places. He doesn’t know what the Alchemy Box looks like, but this kind of artifact must have its special features. Couldn’t the box see the light? Marvin walked around the small room a few times, and his face gradually became a little strange. There is no doubt that this is a weird secret room. The wooden walls were purposely painted with a strange mixture of mercury, resulting in no wind or light at all. ¤August 1◎◎,, 8, 1 “ Except for the small wooden door, there is no exit. There was nothing in the whole room except a small table in the center. “this

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