The Seventh Part of the World Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 445 The End of the World~ Bang! Surebet247【Second Liverpool more! 】

The old man in black looked at him coldly, and said calmly: “This seat is the gold medal enforcer of the Enforcement Hall, Tian Youde!” “Gold medal enforcer!” The white robe old man exaggeratedly exclaimed: “Wow! Good! Awesome! Looking at this posture, this tone, the old man thought it was the Dharma Venerable coming, and the tone of his voice is so 60xs…” Then he rolled his eyes and shouted: “Tian Youde, do you know who I am?!” Tian Youde was furious Said: “I don’t care who you are! Let me go first!” He has always been in charge of the torture hall, and he has always been angry with others. Has anyone ever bullied himself? It’s a little unbearable now. The white-robed old man’s face turned serious, and he said solemnly: “I am Ning Haijiao!” He took two steps forward lightly, and said indifferently: “You, have you heard of Betway?” “Ning Haijiao? Never heard of it!” Tian You Betty snorted and said dismissively. Ning Haijiao, an old man in white robes, had desolation in his eyes, and sighed with his hands behind his back: “In this world… the people of Jianghu are so forgetful! Spinmatic even forgot me, it’s really… so terrifying!” Nobody, you are looking for death!” Tian Youde’s face was darkened, and he was about to shoot. Ning Haijiao said with emotion: “I think back then, the same mother and mother in Tianya Haijiao fought side by side in the world; Rivers and lakes… It’s only been a few years, and no one knows that I am Ning Haijiao… Hey… the sadness of life is really lamentable.” Tian Youde strode towards Liverpool and said with a smirk: “The End of the World? You go to the ends of the earth!” “Slow!” He

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