World Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 405, Chapter 405 Dead and alive betting, alive and dead [affiliate fourth update! 】

Ye Mengse said: “Oh?” Ye Shi sneered: “Before, his aura of man city was already natural, like a rainbow! At this moment, even if a third-rank supreme person like me goes up and wants to scoop him up, he still needs to pay a forebet!” Pay some price! As for these ninth-rank saints, if they go to the livescore, they will be killed by him one by one! Absolutely Slot Games will not be spared.” “So, at this time, send some people to let him kill! Let him kill enough After killing, if we don’t go in, he won’t come out, he will rest naturally, and once he rests, this vigor will be gone.” Ye Guang said lightly: “At that time, only a few ninth-rank saints are needed, You can scoop him up!” Ye Mengse was a little dumbfounded: “Is that what you think? You really don’t cherish heroes for the sake of heroes…” “What a hero!” Night said rudely: “Heroes die so fast !” Ye Mengse was so angry that he couldn’t speak: “You are like this, Evolution game allows these people to die under his knife, just to kill their energy… Betway… And you also know that if you make a move, even if If you pay NetEnt, you can scoop it up with a small price, but in order not to pay this small price, you even allow a hundred people to die at the hands of others?” Ye Shi said indifferently: “Young Master Ye, here , let me give you a piece of advice. Your talent and aptitude are all top choices, but you are only the third son in your Ye family, not the eldest son. This is because you come first, and you are young. One reason. But, secondly, the most important thing is that you don’t have the bearing of a superior!” Ye Meng smiled angrily: “What tolerance of a superior?” “The bearing of a superior,

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