Proud World Nine Heavens Chapter 394 Chapter 394 In the future, Online Casino will meet in the cloud like a Spinmatic, please Jun Jiangnan to sweep the flowers

“How is the betting going?” Chu Yang asked with concern. (_泡&书&吧) “Currently, compared to Wu Juecheng, Bu Liuqing is comparable; and Wu Juecheng hasn’t come up with a unique move yet, and none of the cultivation bases that really underwhelm the bottom of the box have been used. Therefore, I’m afraid Bu Liuqing won’t be Wu Juecheng’s poker opponent!” “Feng chelsayue is against Fa Zun, and Roulette is no match.” Zi Xieqing said: “But at present, none of the three of them are in danger of life. If you want to leave, even though Parimatch has the upper hand, you can definitely leave.” “I’m afraid they won’t leave!” Chu Yang sighed. “I’m afraid I won’t leave.” Zi Xieqing said indifferently: “At least, if Betway doesn’t reach the critical moment, I won’t leave.” Suddenly, he let out a surprise and said: “I’ve reached the top of the mountain, casino slot It’s a bit strange.” “Strange?” Chu Yang frowned. “There is no one on the top of the mountain!” Zi Xieqing frowned: “Could it be a formation?” Then he said solemnly: “It’s fighting! It really is a formation, and the three of Bu Liuqing are caught in a tragic siege.” Chu Yang My heart trembled: Sure enough. Zi Xieqing frowned slightly, cut off the detection of divine sense over there, turned her head, and said with a wry smile: “It seems that I have to make a move. This large formation isolates the divine sense, even if I want to Investigation also requires a lot of expense.” “Yes.” Chu Yang showed a complicated look in his eyes, and said softly, “Are you going to leave immediately after you make this shot?” Zi Xieqing turned her head , said lightly: “There is no permanent banquet in the world.” Chu Yang smiled bitterly: “That’s right. This sentence is absolutely right.” Zi Xieqing chuckled and said, “Take care!” After a pause, And said:

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