World-Proud Nine Heavens Seventh Rumble Part Chapter 373 The Great Canon of Ten Thousand Medicines, Slot Games Heavenly Formation [Fifth update! 】

Sword Spirit thought for a while, and said, “Maybe… maybe. {}Chu Yang pondered: “If you threaten with an antidote… Parimatch… a bit too naive Paripesa. It should be just a part of the plan…” At this point, Chu Yang suddenly became roulette excited, and said, “Tell me about the symptoms after a stroke, even if I use raw BGaming spiritual spring water to delay it, I still want to ( /cview/31/31898/iml) happened. He was poisoned, and I was poisoned, isn’t this a normal thing? “Sword Spirit smiled wryly: “Even this point you have to take advantage of, you really Yin!” “Chu Yang said to Endorphina: “I was poisoned, how can I count it as Yin?” Then he asked, “Is it just me who was poisoned?” Is Qing Wu okay? “Jian Ling smiled wryly: “Wu Juecheng is also a person of great status, do you think she would murder a little girl for no reason?” “Chu Yang snorted:” That’s not necessarily the case! I can’t trust any of these people now. Chu Yang was relieved after receiving the affirmative poker reply from Sword Spirit that Mo Qingwu was not poisoned. Sword Spirit pondered and said, “However, there is one more important thing compared to your poisoning. Therefore, when Wu Juecheng came this time, he must not be let go! If there is a war, Mozzartbet is really baccarat must fight! “Chu Yang frowned, and immediately thought of one thing, he couldn’t help but take a breath: “Jian Gang? “”yes. “Jian Ling smiled wryly: “I was on Wu Juecheng’s body, and Nairabet felt the breath of Jian Gang. “Chu Yang’s face twitched, and suddenly he felt troublesome: “How can I get it back?” “”There are three ways.

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