The Seventh Part of the World-Proud Nine Heavens 22Bet Chapter 351 Nine FlashScore Nine Gathered to Heal the Wounds [Second update! 】

The next piece of news made the members of the Nine Great Families even more determined. ….] Bu Liuqing and Fengyue brought their apprentices to live in Lanxiang Garden! This news is simply explosive! Dong Wushang and Rui Butong also lived in Lanxiangyuan, but now everyone in La Liga obviously doesn’t care much about the news of these three people in Liverpool. All they cared about was Bu Liuqing and Fengyue. All the big families quickly took action on Chelsa. They feel that the crisis is approaching a little bit, a little bit imminent, imminent. “As for the Li family, are you just letting them go?” Shi Jing asked again. All the second ancestors frowned and did not speak. “We’re not at home, but the people of the Li family can’t be stopped by the presence of Acacia Li.” Xiao Se said lightly. A cold light flashed in Ling Fengyun’s eyes, and said: “How about summoning and intercepting along the way? If you can kill one, it counts as one. Anyway, Li Man City Xiangsi dare not retaliate under such circumstances.” Shi Jing first agreed. Of course the Li family did not dare to retaliate. The route is the territory of the major families, but there are still “release the Xuanyin Burning Bone Water and fill a tank with it.” Zi Xieqing commanded, Chu Yang will The Xuanyin Burning Bone Water was poured into the amethyst jar. Zi Xieqing grabbed Chu Le’er and stripped the little girl naked, leaving only her bellyband. Chu Le’er was extremely shy, and exclaimed live betting: “Don’t let big brother see…” She was thrown into 22Bet by the flashscore Zi Xieqing into the Xuanyin Burning Water, and then there was a shudder like a hair on the bone, and she bit down violently He gritted his teeth and couldn’t even utter a sound. Chu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This little 1xBet girl is still paying attention to this…I don’t know girls are doing it every day

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