Proud Betway Nine Heavens Chapter 341 Xiao Wu, live betting Qing Wu [! 】

Your current location: Title of the novel: Fengling Tianxia Chu Yang frowned, thinking about the boredom and longing in his heart, suddenly the shadow of Mo Qingwu came to his heart. After calling out the 40,000 amethysts, he became a little dazed. There seemed to be a red figure, singing and dancing in front of me, floating up and down… For a moment, strong bitter thoughts came to my heart. In a trance, he suddenly heard someone shouting: “Brother Chu Yang!” Chu Yang raised his head suddenly, and saw a petite figure in red from Slot Games drawing a brilliant neon light in mid-air, flying towards him run over. Behind her, a series of red afterimages appeared, seeming to be flying and dancing in the sky. Chu Yang was stunned. For a split second, he couldn’t tell if this was reality or a dream BetWinner! Involuntarily murmured: “Poker Xiaowu? Qingwu Pragmatic play?” The next moment, a petite body suddenly slammed into his arms. Chu Yang felt a softness in his arms, and smelled the fragrance of Parimatch in his mouth and nose, and finally hugged him, and said in surprise: “Xiao Wu casino slot? Is it really you?” Mo Qingwu’s face was already crying With a disfigured face and choked up sobs, he put his little head into his arms and nodded vigorously, hitting the champions league so that Chu Yang’s chest thumped. The long-term longing and depression were completely released at the moment of seeing Chu Yang! Holding Chu Yang’s body tightly with both hands, Mo Qingwu felt that she was so happy at this moment! She greedily breathed the breath on Chu Yang’s body, cried and laughed, at this moment, she didn’t care about other people’s eyes at all. After a long time, this emotion was released, and little Lolita slid off Chu Yang’s body, pouted embarrassingly, rubbed her eyes,

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