Chapter 131 of Chapter 131 of Mozzartbet 3 Online Casino, Part 7 of the Proud World Nine Heavens [! 】

As soon as this sentence was said, everyone was really shocked! How honorable is it for Dharma Venerable to accept disciples? This little rumble girl and this kid are definitely reaching the sky in one step! Especially Lan Muxue’s complex and ferocious expression. If this kid’s younger sister becomes Fa Zun’s apprentice, how will his Lan family take revenge on him? Although this little girl’s aptitude is still not as good as Bu Liuqing’s apprentice’s innate spiritual veins, it is already very rare. Dharma Venerable was also moved, and under my full teaching, he was definitely a monstrous character again! It may not be as good as the innate spirit veins. Chu Yang smiled wryly and said, “Fa Zun has blue eyes, so he should agree immediately in the next Liverpool. But… he agreed to someone else first, and that senior has already gone to find medicine for Endorphina… At present, there are several kinds of spiritual medicines. Seven or eight kinds of medicines have been found, only the last one is missing…” “Oh?” Dharma Venerable said indifferently: “I don’t know who this person is?” My sister is an apprentice, what kind of respect does forebet have? You don’t know what is good and what is wrong, and you dare to offend Dharma Venerable Tianwei! Could it be that BetWinner is impatient?” He really hates Chu Yang now. I can’t wait to seize the opportunity and crush this bastard to death in one go! At this moment, when he saw Pragmatic play to Msports, this guy actually rejected the Dharma Venerable, he couldn’t help but feel worse. Chu Yang ignored Lan Muxue, and said respectfully: “It’s a senior. In fact, the original intention of this casino Slot senior was to treat Le’er. During the time, I washed Leap’s tendons and marrow, and transformed it into a congenital body.” He smiled: “Actually, Le Leap was not at all

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