World Proud Nine Heavens Chapter 300 Sports betting Chapter 20 Shameless Special【! Msports】

Fa Zun should have paused when he said this, but he continued quickly without stopping: “When the boss of Betway said this, the brothers immediately felt that something was wrong, and everyone was dumbfounded in the first Slot Games. Wu Wansang dryly smiled and said: Boss, you are not going to kill us, are you? It can make up for the cracks in the Nine Heavens.” “The fifth melancholy was silent for a while, and said: We have gone to mend the sky, what about you, boss?” “The boss said… I made up for the Nine Heavens, and the power of merit is enough for me. After the impact to the collapse of the sky and the shattered void; at that time, I will naturally leave, leave this world, enter another world, to practice, or to work hard, to start a new life. It is said that it is a bliss The world has everything you want, but only those who have the merit of mending the sky can enter.” “Boss said, so, your efforts are worthwhile.” His Holiness finally fell silent after saying this. Livescore’s throat shook violently up and down twice, and he laughed bitterly twice, his laughter was hoarse. “The Paradise of Ultimate Bliss?” Zi Xieqing asked Chu Yang through sound transmission, puzzled. Chu Yang slowly shook his head Endorphina. This is too strange. Chu Yang knew very well, where is there any Paradise of Bliss? Could it be that this Nine Tribulations Sword Master was fooled by someone? But… who can fool this Nine Tribulations Sword Master? Could it be Sword Spirit? Msports Chu Yang was meditating, his consciousness sank into the Nine Tribulations Space, and the sword spirit was still practicing in seclusion. It could be seen that his body became more and more solid. Chu Yang was puzzled, if it really happened to Betway,

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