The wind is lingering all over the world) Chu Yang! The news about Ye Betway’s Killing Wind, Ye Mengse’s, Xiao’s family, Ling’s family, and Shi’s family all came from Chu Yang, and Chu Yang had been in close contact with the Lan’s family during this period. Singing with Lan, the third son of the Lan family, is even more drunk every day. Ever since, what happened today… Who is Chu Yang? This name suddenly appeared! Although they were old in the last three days, everyone was a well-informed generation, and everyone was well-informed. When did someone surnamed Chu suddenly appear in a casino slot? When this question was raised, everyone was confused. Who is it? To be able to provoke such heavy casualties from the Nine Great Families? In this regard, facing Yedi’s puzzled gaze, Ye Shiyu thought about the roulette for a while, and finally gave an answer: “Chu Yang, I met him once during the decisive battle in the three-day death lake. He is a very He is a very talented up-and-coming Endorphina show.” “He has nothing and works hard with bare hands, but he can make the sons and brothers of the major families in the middle and third days look after him!” “He is very loyal and affectionate. Moreover, she has a straightforward personality, which is very likable.” Ye Shiyu said so, and the description was full of praises for Chu Yang. This made the rest of the Ye family very puzzled, and they were also very surprised, which made the eyes of Ye Di who was listening to him sparkle. Evolution game “However, this person is also cruel and ruthless. Sometimes, he will use any means to achieve his goals. All in all, if we make a leap to evaluate this person, it is that he is not a good person, nor is he a bad person. He has his own principles and principles. Bottom line, do this

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