Comrades of Man City, let me say a few words about Slot Games.

After reading yesterday’s single chapter today, I realized that the reason was not clearly written. Khan one. My friend got married yesterday, and I have been helping with sports betting since the morning. After a busy day, I was as tired as a dead dog. They rested in the afternoon, and I typed some words, but I was not satisfied, so I deleted them. Then Online Casino used the computer of a friend’s new house to post a single chapter, but they didn’t explain the reason clearly. This is a whole thing… Drinking at night, we have a custom here, that is, the bride must toast on this day, Parimatch and you toast , the more guests drink, the happier the bride and groom. Ever since, yesterday this of course became our weapon. When it was our turn at the table, I was the first one. We don’t drink Livescore for life and death, and later the bride asked me, why do you drink it? I said, it’s okay if you want me to drink. But you also have to drink, how much I drink, how much you drink! The bride said in embarrassment: How much do I drink, how much do you drink? I said: yes! How much you drink, how much I drink Surebet247. I thought this girl misunderstood my words, you little girl Endorphina, how much baccarat can you drink? I am very proud of myself. Then it started, the bride poured eight goblets of white wine, two and a half glasses, and then, bang bang bang, four glasses of wine went down. Didn’t even eat food. Then wiped his mouth and said: It’s your turn. Our brothers who were booing were dumbfounded on the spot. Just imagine what I was like at the time…Damn it! I understand BetWinner what it means to dig one’s own grave. Bite the bullet, bang bang bang, three cups, I don’t know if I drank the fourth cup, anyway, I don’t know anything…I don’t even know how I got home from 1xBet last night. I just heard from my wife this morning that four people carried me, and it was past twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, chanting

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